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About Us

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The designer

Beatrice M Fulford-Jones, MBA

Member of:

Beatrice M Fulford-Jones serves as Lead Designer and Principal of Global Interior Design. Beatrice is a highly respected architectural designer who specialises in the creation of fine residential homes. She designs each project cognisant of the client's intent, and ensures that every aspect works in harmony with the overall vision. Her designs are sophisticated and intuitive, known for the unified integration of architecture and interior design. 

The designer's expertise is often sought out by private clients and developers looking to create chic homes that are marketed as turnkey. Executives and families benefit from her ability to create designs with flair and elegance, buttressed by an unwavering ability to handle complicated properties. Beatrice is a significant asset to any design and development team.

The firm

Global Interior Design

Global Interior Design offers comprehensive services ranging from initial design through project management to finishing touches.  

The firm creates luxurious, sleek residential interiors. The company offers comprehensive design and renovation services, operating at the intersection of architecture and interior design. Attention to detail is our firm's hallmark. Global Interior Design has the team that stays with your project all the way - from original sketches, through implementation, to final presentation and showcasing.


Whether a luxury penthouse, country residence, suburban terraced house, or even a yacht, each project benefits from Global Interior Design's vision, sophistication and expertise. 

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